Swedish CEE Norm AB – Your connection is our challenge

About us

We at CEE Norm love to solve problems. We have done this for over 25 years. Distribution boxes, connectors and cabling are our specialty and in these areas there are few that can compete with our experience.

Especially when it comes to finding the standard products or customized solutions that best match the needs of our customers. Are you looking for a fixed installation or a temporary solution? You can always contact us when you have a socket problem.

Trust us – we love what we do

We have realized that our product catalog will never be finished. Every day something new will be added. We have our customers to thank for that. In our business, every request is unique and one delivery is rarely ever the same. That is exactly how we want it. It helps us to develop, grow and year after year keep on loving what we do. Contact us with your input. You can be assured that we solve the problem. Your withdrawal is our challenge!

There is always a solution

Our wide range includes a wide selection of standard distribution boxes, all kinds of CEE connectors, outlet pillars and cabling for everything from event venues to ports, industries, mines and airports. If we, or our suppliers, don’t have what you need on our store shelves, then we take place att the design table and use our exprience to construct what you need in our workshop. We put your needs first. So challenge us. There is always a solution.